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End of Life Guide / Death Walker / Family Led Funerals

End of Life Guide / Death Walker / Family Led Funerals

 "Since we live with death, we ought to think of it while living.  To settle accounts, to draw a balance, is important and useful.  The pastors should make it clear that it can be anyone's turn next; that everyone's turn comes at some point; that to prepare oneself is good.     -Peter Noll"


Hello and welcome to my page. As you can see I am a DeathWalker/ Celebrant for Family Led Funerals. As you can see I am still in the early stages of development with this. Please do check back regularly for updates.

You may be wondering what it is I do. A Deathwalker is someone who 'walks'/assists another and sometimes their family also on their journey towards their death.This can be from ensuring all your legal documents are signed and sorted, such as EPOA, Advance Directives ( Living wills) wills etc.I will assist and ensure your options surrounding your journey are clearly explained and given to you to choose from, for example, home care and/or  hospice care. You can organise your own funeral, there are many choices out there and you have that right to choose what your own send off should be like. Please be aware that this is a non-medical, non-denominational role, I leave those roles for the people who are best at it 

I am in the early stages of developing this site so if this is something you would like guidance with these subjects my contact details are below , or check back regularly as I update my pages with links , resources  and articles relating to these subjects for your information and empowerment on these issues.

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Contacting me :

The best way to contact me is by email, and I will usually get back to you within the 24 hours from when you send it. You can call my mobile however as I may be with a client and their family, please understand if I do not respond to the call and ask that you leave a message, and again it will usually be within the 24hrs I will respond.


Jimboomba, 4280, Queensland

Mobile: 0426556863


Appointment only.